Funding and Revenue Campaign

The DABICO Initiative Utilizes a Diverse Multi-Stream Funding and Revenue Strategy 

Focused on Helping Individuals, Businesses and Professional Address Personal and Business Goals and Objectives  

   In a Way That Supports and Sustains the Initiative      

Funding and Revenue Strategic Goal: Capitalize And Sustain the Initiative  

Objectives: Build a "Client-Sponsorship Group" and a "Producer Consortium" 

Providing the Community an Opportunity to Participate in the Arts, Artist and Content Development Process 

Client-Sponsor Group - Clients or customers composed of individuals, businesses and professionals (both artist and non-artist) who have needs or goals they want to address in various areas of personal, business or lifestyle transitions. 

Client-Sponsor Group Marketable Content Development - The Initiative works to develop content that Entertains, Educates, Informs and Promotes, but also markets and sells the products and services of the Initiative and its supporters. Some of the diverse products and service industries where content will be developed include Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Media. This operation will utilize digital marketing, social media, podcast, and other web-based and traditional “Collaborative Marketing” mediums to generate multiple streams of revenue for both the Sponsors and the Initiative. 

Producer Consortium - The DABICO Initiative will provide more opportunities for individuals and businesses in the community who may be interested in participating more directly in the artist and content development process. Businesses or individuals can become a “High Level” sponsor and part of a “Producer Consortium” (A group that helps produce and promote content or events i.e. Executive Producers, or Promotors).  For those who are suitable and qualify, not only can they participate more directly in the artist development process but do so in a way that may provide tax and other financial benefits through programs like an "Opportunity Zone".

(The DABICO Initiative is not a tax professional or consulting firm and is not and does not make any tax recommendations. Individuals and businesses should consult with their tax professional before determining if this would be appropriate for them to participate.) 

Multi-Stream Funding and Revenue Structures

Marketing and Sale of Products and Services 


A. “Insuring the Future. Net

B. “Key Employee Appreciation Program”


C. "Business Preservation"


address insurance, financial services, estate planning and small business needs and goals for artist and non-artist, individuals and businesses.  

All Campaigns will utilizing digital marketing, social media, podcast, and other “Marketing Mediums” to promote, market and sell products and services.

Facility Rental and Events

(In Development)

Multi-Use Arts and Entertainment Facility

A. Video and Film Production Studios

B. Performance and Production Stage

C. Office and Conference Area

D. Event Hall

E. Concert Hall

F. Podcasting and Recording Studio 


The DABICO Initiative 

Approach to Funding

Sponsors will have their product, services, organization or cause promoted, marketed and in many cases sold through several DABICO Initiative structures, some examples include a DABICO Initiative representative, content that is produced, events, and through various marketing or promotional materials and digital platforms of the DABICO Initiative. Higher level Sponsors that meet special guidelines could be eligible to be part of the “Producer Consortium”, (A group that helps produce and benefit from the marketable content and events being developed through the Initiative or its collaborators.) and take advantage of various tax related incentives or benefits available for the production of music, film, television and the web related projects. For example, Opportunity Zones (OZ) related projects, Businesses (OZB), and Fund.(OZF).

The DABICO Initiative is currently looking to fill 6 of 12 core interrelated business sponsorship categories. These six are within the Financial Services and Lifestyle Transition Planning industries. The Initiative is seeking as "Client-Sponsors”. (Businesses, professionals, and individuals that meet specific compatibility guidelines as a financial services client and sponsor of the Initiative.) And those who also demonstrates a capacity and interest in participating in and benefiting from the development of artist and marketable content developed by the Initiative. 


Speak with a DABICO Initiative about the different levels of participation in our Sponsorships program. And how they can  be tailored for any individuals or business needs and goals. 

Marketing and Sale of Content

and Promotion of Live Events 

(Producer Consortium)

The DABICO Initiative 

Approach to Funding

The DABICO Initiative working with i71 Movies/Media is developing marketable content to generate revenue for the Initiative. The Initiative promotes music and other arts related events to build and monetize an audience and fan base that supports the Initiative and its sponsors.  

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