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Building a Community of Commerce and a Network That Promotes and Grows the Economy of the Arts

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The DABICO Initiative was originally started in 2006 in Dayton, Ohio. It is an arts and entertainment development and funding Initiative. The DABICO mission is to help Develop Artist and Build Innovative/Inspirational Community Opportunities in the arts. 

Over the past 16 years the DABICO Initiative helped develop and support many artist and art related businesses and organizations. The Initiative goal has been to work with individuals, professionals, local businesses, schools, churches, and  community organizations, to form a  network that develops and financially supports  artists,  arts related businesses, the production of marketable content in music, film, television and the web, and the sale of products and services that support the Initiative. 


To accomplish our mission and goals, the DABICO Initiative operates two independent Business Models that work interdependently. 

The first,

Artist and Content Development and Production – Focuses on the development of artist, art related businesses and production of marketable content for music, film, television, and the web by providing access to equipment, professional assistance, site locations, facilities, performance opportunities and funding. The intention is to develop artist and create content that is entertaining, educational, informative, inspirational, thought provoking, fun and promotes God, family, community and commerce. Through this model we create opportunities for entrepreneurial and vocational engagement by the community.


The second,

Funding and Revenue Generation– This business model focuses on funding and financially sustaining the initiative operations utilizing the Business Development, Marketing and Sales Practice of Allan Talib, sponsorships, the building of a "Producer Consortium", and the marketing and selling of the products and services of the Initiative and its supporters.


Innovative programs and various relationships are utilized to facilitate our arts and entertainment develop and funding activities. One  such program, the Community Artists  League (CAL), an in-and-after school music,  video and film production arts program has helped many students and adults learn and experience the performance arts of music in a band  and concert environment. 

Over the past 15 years, CAL worked with prestigious  institutions like the Dayton Public Library,  private, public  and charter schools,  Downtown Dayton Partnership Group,  Salvation Army Kroc Center, Camp Fire USA  Greater Dayton Area Council, YMCA and the After School All Stars. 


In 2012 the DABICO Initiative began to put a major focus on helping develop i71 Movies/Media an Ohio based film and television production company. During the past 10 years the Initiative has helped in the funding and production of i71 Movies/Media award winning productions. The two entities, the Community Artist League and i71 Movies/Media are utilized to facilitate the Initiative's arts, artist and content development operations. They also assist in the promotion, marketing and communications of our funding and revenue generation operation. 


Many in the arts community were affected by the COVID shutdowns, the DABICO Initiative was no exception. During that down time the Initiative reorganized how it would operate moving forward... It was determined that the Initiative would establish its own hub of operations, modernize and digitize our approaches to both of our business models. These changes should enhance our capacity to fulfill our mission and achieve our goals. 

One change being implemented to better support and expand the DABICO Initiative's arts and entertainment development, funding, and revenue operation is the development of an arts and entertainment facility in the Springfield, Ohio community. The DABICO Initiative is working with East College Professionals to develop a multi-use arts and entertainment developmental facility that will have music, video and film production studios, a performance and production stage, offices and a conference area. Area 51 Studio's, as it will be called shall provide an additional location that work with the community to bolster both in the arts and the commerce of the arts. This facility will be compatible with the digital age. 


The Initiative has been an advocate for a STEM to STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to include the "Arts") in education and economic development within a community, as well as entrepreneurship and collaboration within the arts. Future plans will include building a network and digital platform that highlights the arts impact on our lifestyle, culture, community and economy. Through this effort the Initiative will have more capacity to integrate and promote our sponsors, and provide opportunities for community participation in the arts development process.  


The DABICO Initiative seeks to expand  similar programs and opportunities to  artists, artist owned businesses and  communities in Dayton, Springfield, Columbus and Central  Ohio region and communities along I-70,  I-71 and I-75 in the future.



DABICO’s Mission is in its name. 

 Develop Artists and Build Innovative and Inspirational Community  Opportunities. 

(Opportunities in the arts that generate revenue to sustain the Initiative and benefit the community)


DABICO’s Goal is to help develop and fund artists, arts related businesses and  marketable content in music, film, television and the web in a way that promotes God, family, community and commerce. And, sustain the  Initiative through community collaborations and the marketing and selling of content, products and services of the Initiative and those who support the Initiative. 

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